Our values

Freedom to innovate

At Opteven, innovation starts with understanding. As new developments in the field of mobility change the needs of our customers, we do our utmost to share that information with the whole company, thereby keeping everyone up-to-date.

Innovation means remaining one step ahead of our competitors, anticipating market trends before they happen, but also knowing how to create new opportunities.

We want everyone to feel free to embrace the benefits of teamwork.

So, at Opteven, we encourage initiative and experimentation. Everyone is allowed to make a mistake.

So to move forward, let’s feel free to innovate without being afraid to think outside the box !!

Our employees come first

Here at Opteven, we understand that a satisfied staff leads to a satisfied customer. One is not possible without the other.

The team’s success is intrinsically linked to the individual’s personal development. Well-being at work is thus vital to all.

We do our best to welcome new team members, to treat each team member equitably and foster an excellent team spirit by encouraging everyone to help one another.

Our ambitious and adaptive training program aims to help each staff member individually.

On a daily basis, our teams work to encourage self-reliance and commitment in each staff member.

So, to foster efficiency, let’s start by encouraging well-being at work !

Open-mindedness in many languages

At Opteven, open-mindedness is a way of life, thanks to the many nationalities, different languages and varied cultures represented in our team.

As such, that open-mindedness encourages ethical and civic behavior throughout our teams.

Finally, open-mindedness pushes us to explore new ground, to seek out new ways of doing things and to make use of people’s differences in order to foster personal development.

So, let’s encourage diversity and build a strong team on a foundation of individual talent!

The best for our clients

Customer service goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction at Opteven.

Our customers are at the heart of our long-term goals, and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.

Each customer is important and we are all responsible for their satisfaction at any time.

Our success is forged by respecting our commitments and through the daily image that we project.

It is vital to listen to our customers’ needs to make sure that we are providing them with the best possible solutions.

So, let’s commit to making each customer’s experience a great one!

Ambition to develop our company

Here at Opteven, we understand that keeping our current customers is just as important as gaining new ones every year.

We are convinced that a growing company, leads to greater job security, more career opportunities and a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Our development plan includes an ambitious pan-European strategy.

We strive to pass-on our know-how, while remaining modest enough to look outside our borders to share enriching experiences.

So, expansion and opportunities in new countries are all part of the agenda for Opteven!