Our extranet warranty

Carflex, our on-line claim declaration, is multilingual and in several currencies. It means that we can manage warranty contracts whatever the country. With 40% of on-line automatic decision, Carflex is an important contributor to our goal of excellence and quality of service.

Carflex Stat also provides volumetric statistics, frequency and other coverage and help to partners to closely manage their service contracts.

Our roadside assistance extranet

Nova enables is to share with our clients the content of your assistance files, the telephone performance of your agents as well as accounting information. The information is recorded on extranet, and can be downloaded. The “push mail” informs you of a claim and/or availability of a replacement vehicle in the case of a break down or an accident.

Our mobile applications

Available on Android andiPhone, our mobile applications provide the final client with key information on contracts but also of what to do in the case of a claim and direct access to our assistance platform in case of an accident. Developed under the Opteven label but also as a white label, they are an extra advantage to convince the end purchaser.